Gkhui Gkhui MTB Challenge

Posted on Tue March 1, 2022.

We will be hosting our Gkhui Gkhui MTB Challenge on 8-10 April 2022!
8 April – Fun Night Ride (suitable for kids)
9 April – Race Day
• 66.3km Advanced
• 39km, Intermediate
• 26.3km Beginner
• 5km Kids ride
10 April – Technical team challenge
• 26km

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A Plain Tiger amidst the weeds - common, yet exceptional

Posted on Fri February 4, 2022.

Facts about The Plain Tiger Butterfly, found in abundance around Gkhui Gkhui River Lodge and it's incredible life.

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Soutpan Gong Challenge

Posted on Wed May 12, 2021.

Gkhui Gkhui River Lodge is excited to introduce the first Soutpan Gong Challenge to be held on 10 July 2021 at Renekespan.

Zero Range open from 6:30
Match Briefing at 8:00
Competition starts at 8:30
Lunch Included

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Fishing with your partner.

Posted on Thu January 17, 2019 in Fishing with your partner.

A look at why Gkhui Gkhui River Lodge is a great destination to get the hobby of partner fishing going!

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How to differentiate between smallmouth and largemouth yellowfish?

Posted by Chris on Mon October 22, 2018 in Fly Fishing.

It is clear from several studies that largemouth yellowfish and smallmouth yellowfish are morphologically distinct and identifiable using several features, amongst others mouth position, mouth size, eye to preopercular groove distance, colouration, interorbital width and eye position in general. Having fished and guided on the Orange River system for the past 25 years I have observed many of these differences and can give some practical pointers.

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