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Fishing with your partner.

Posted on Thu January 17, 2019 in Fishing with your partner.

A look at why Gkhui Gkhui River Lodge is a great destination to get the hobby of partner fishing going!

Have you ever wondered what the perfect fishing destination is to take your wife along (or in some instances, to drag your husband along)? Well, Gkhui Gkhui River Lodge is definitely the place to do just that. If you want to get your partner into fly-fishing, we have rapids that provide easy fishing with nymphs. This is great for any beginner to sink their teeth into their first yellow on fly! Our expert guides will assist and make the learning curve so much easier.

Our unique catarafts offer couples the ideal platform to fish from.  Even if your partner does not like fishing, these drifts are comfortable and very pleasant for the non-fisher as well. These rafts provide the perfect platform to target largemouth yellowfish from.  An added bonus is that you can anchor them in the rapids and target smallmouth yellowfish from the comfort of the raft (no more wading over rocky areas). 



Most of the time your partner will enjoy a drift just as much as you would.  With plenty of birds and game on display, these drifts can be remarkable, even for the non-fisherman.

Let our friendly staff help you to turn fly-fishing into a great bonding experience!